I am an African woman and 36 years of age. I’m a student of EBS and living in Grabouw. I enrolled in a business course with EBS during 2009 and must add that it was fabulous and I’ve learned so much! It changed my whole life – imagine who I was and who I am today.

At the commencement of the course on 17 February, I was going through a bad patch having to deal with a divorce as well, but as time went by I started to enjoy the course more. The course started with module one about yourself and life skills and while doing it I discovered so many things about myself. This was the first benefit.

The second one is: How to stand firm on who you want to become in life and how to develop the people in our black communities towards their needs. For example through the business I’ve started to help people in my community. I love the way that the next generation looks up to me as their role model and having them also wanting to start their own business and become self sustaining.

This is such a blessing from God and EBS and I still do not know how to thank you all especially the people involved such as Corina, Chris and Mr. van Euyssen. Let God be with you, bless you, keep you and love you forever.

It would be such a blessing if the course could be started again in 2011 in our area as I know that there are many people who realized what the course can do for them and who would be interested in taking the course themselves. They saw the outcome through me and this satisfied their need to see whether it works first.

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