I am a entrepreneurial student for almost 2 years now at EBS/SETA.

Before I was informed about the EBS course I was confused in different ways. At that time I was job hunting and a staff member of Red Door introduced me to the entrepreneurial course. In my first year we used to come together on a Wednesday for class in Paarl area and every Wednesday was worth it. EBS taught me how to overcome the fear of trying/doing somethings different in my life and to believe in myself. I have overcome the paradigms I was taught and grew up with certain things must just be a certain way. EBS (took) made me see the light in the tunnel, and now I can see the world in a more broader and different way.

I learnt important things that I didn’t know before and wasn’t taught when I was younger or in school. I am so confident in myself and I start my own business. Although my business is small and in a incubation state I know I will achieve what I want to achieve in a period of time. Not only for the information how to become an entrepreneur I also achieve to accept myself for who I am and to better my personal life as well as my financial life. This was the best choice I ever made in my entire life – thats the way way I feel about EBS/SETA and I will continue learning as long as they allow me to.

Thanks EBS/SETA for making me believe in myself.

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