When I woke up one day I saw this guy Sampoti. Sampoti is a salon man. I did not recognize him although he grew up in the neighbourhood. He controlled a small business. I ask him to show me to visit him regularly for a training or practical work. I continued with him my small and little knowledge of doing the hair.

On a later stage 2008/9 I registered with EBS, the business school. The school provided us with small grants. The first grant was R6000 which came as R500 per month for a year. So I started to use it buying some extra books and what ever was needed for the course. The second grant was a R6000 which come/was cash in my card.

I managed to buy myself a bicycle, a piece of land and on that piece of land I build a place of work. The place is suitable for a salon. Just because the salon needs so many things like equipment and stock I am still waiting for the last grant R6000 (2010).

In the meantime I am busy with doing the brooms, serving the town Franschoek. The money that I am getting I put it or save it for my future dream – the Salon.

Thanks to Services SETA.

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