You’re late on paying the mortgage. Again. Not only that, the bank just phoned with threats of repossession. (Nobody else knows yet).

On top of that, junior wants to go on his hockey team’s Antarctic – for – the Uninitiated trip that costs more money than you make in a year, and to break his heart again…well, that just breaks your heart.

Also, your wife is nagging again to visit her family from out of state; but once more you tell her, she above all people should know that’s just not possible right now. The look on her face tells you just what she thinks.

So once more you crawl into your car to the job you’ve done forever and hated forever.

Sound familiar?

To many of us, it’s a depressingly familiar scenario even if the details may differ.

Or, worse than that, there may actually be no job to crawl to. In which case, such a scenario becomes infinitely more horrible.

But what if…

… that scenario can be turned around? What if you can start making more money today than you have right now?

No, really…I mean that.

What if, in a while, that wife really could visit her family and junior could go on that trip and you could, without worry or guilt, enrol for that coveted course or buy that piece of electronic equipment or whatever, after you’ve paid all your dues? Wouldn’t that be great?

You bet.

And it’s possible. For you. For everyone.

But before that…

…becomes possible, you have to give something away…

You have to give your talents away. And talents here do not refer to the Roman money unit. No, it refers to your natural aptitude or marked inborn ability for accomplishment of any kind.

We have been wired in such a way that all of us (by last count, about 8 billion of us), has something to offer (talents and skills) in the way of solving someone else’s problem or need.

A need is defined as anything human beings need to make their lives easier and more meaningful.  Once a person perceives that he/she has a need, but can’t satisfy it because of some obstacle, a problem is created.

And the beauty of it is that you can get paid for the solutions you offer.

The problem, however, is…

…many of us don’t realise the spade with which to dig wealth, lies not in something outside us, but inside. It lies in our minds.

No wonder Napoleon Hill wrote a book called “Think and Grow Rich”. 1

This problem is compounded by the fact that we feel trapped by so many things; low paying jobs, bills, an inability within ourselves to break free from such constraints etc. The reality on the outside somehow moves inward and becomes a paradigm2 that forms the metal bars that imprison us in a cage of hopelessness.

All of it totally unnecessary. And reversible.

Mmmmm… (Doubt not. I kid you not.)

Ok… how?

The mechanics

Start looking at the talents and skills you have. And in the next post, we’ll also look at other places together that can reveal more possible problems for you to solve.

Say for example you can make beautifully crafted models of war implements used during the middle ages. You can advertise them, offer them to hobby shops, go on road shows with them, and sell them at craft markets. Sooner than later, word will spread and you’ll be making money out of your skill.

Somewhere, someone will want what you can offer and pay you for it. Because it will solve a problem / need they have. Collectors will pay to have such models.

Easy eh? Then why is it so hard sometimes?

Either because you just can’t believe it can be that simple (see no. 2 above again) or because you’re looking in the wrong place.

Well, it really is that simple because wealth is not created by mineral or other resources, but by trading solutions (or products and services) to problems. Solve a problem for someone and hey presto! you’re in business. Just think about it and you’ll realise it to be true.

You can also miss spotting where there are problems you can solve. In the next post, we’ll specifically look at different angles you can inspect up close to see if there are problems you can solve and in the process earn an income.

The more quality “solutions” you put into the economy, the more you’ll be able to sell and the more money you’ll be able to make. Now, it does not matter in what position you find yourself currently. If you’re in a job, you can still look for problems, solve them and make money. You just have to work out the when, where and how.

And if you’re currently unemployed, you just have much more time on your hands for the same action, but maybe more impetus to actually make it work for you.

And the result

…of using our unique abilities to benefit one another?

Well primarily…

  • A more fulfilled you.
  • And a higher standard of living for you and everybody else

A  secondary upshot of this will obviously be less poverty, crime, social ills etc.

We need each other. In the words of the poet John Donne:”No man is an island unto himself”.

And the beauty of giving yourself, is that you’ll be getting far more out of the deal than mere money. You’ll get fulfilment. Now what possible price tag could be on that?

So, the long and short of it all… you have to give to get!


 Don’t miss our post next week on some possible places where you can find problems to solve and turn them into money spinners.

See you there!


Elmarie is a wordpreneur for the Entrepreneurial Business School (Pty) Ltd and a freelance creative writer, web writer and copywriter. Email her at





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