The Entrepreneurial Business School (EBS) (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1998 to address the serious shortage of entrepreneurs in South Africa and Africa.

EBS specializes in the development of the entrepreneur within every person. Entrepreneurship being viewed the single most important attribute for success in the new economy.  We achieve this with our unique and focused training courses, based on 14 years of experience and research.

EBS is registered as a private FET college with the Department of Education. The unique registration number is 2010/FE07/038. This registration is valid until 31 December 2016.

EBS also has a formal agreement of cooperation with USB-ED, a division of the Business School of the University of Stellenbosch for higher level and follow-up training. The program used in this agreement is known as the Entrepreneurial Business Management (EBM) course. According to this agreement, EBS provides the training material and facilitation of training, while USB-ED is responsible for quality control and certification.


The development of successful entrepreneurs


To be recognized and sought after as the leader on the development of entrepreneurs

Core Values

  1. 1.     Responsibility and Accountability

EBS takes ownership of training projects until completion and demonstrate high levels of responsibility and accountability towards project funders, key role players and the share holders of the Entrepreneurial Business School.

  1. 2.     Respect

EBS cultivates high levels of respect between its employees that is projected to its external business environment.

  1. 3.     Compassion

EBS demonstrates a high level of compassion towards its students in their holistic development as successful entrepreneurs to grow sustainable businesses.

  1. 4.     Continuous Improvement

EBS is committed to the continuous improvement of all applied entrepreneurial development programmes, student support services, and academic quality control processes.

  1. 5.     Excellence with Passion

EBS is, with total professional passion, committed to empower its students to establish sustainable business ventures.


Entrepreneurial Business School has successfully developed almost 1000 entrepreneurs over the past four years by utilizing learnerships in “New Venture Creation”. The Entrepreneurial Business School is an accredited training provider at the Services Sector Education and Training Authority of South Africa (SSETA – Accreditation number 0113). The Services Seta commented as follows on the EBS application for accreditation:

“This is an excellent application, substantiated with quality support documentation The learning programs will have a significant, impact on job creation and the enhancement of economic growth in the RSA. It addresses vital aspects in developing creativity and entrepreneurship. The quality of the EBS staff is notable and their qualities & abilities will be to the benefit of learners in general. In total, this is a well-packaged and professional displayed application“.

Due to the successes of previous NVC learnerships EBS has a National waiting list of about 2000 previously disadvantaged micro business owners who are now also apprehensively waiting to develop their entrepreneurial abilities with this organization.

Companies who are in need of Enterprise Development and Socio-economic Development points will be assisted by EBS, not only be eligible to claim valuable points, but to make use of Tax incentives and contribute towards economic growth and job creation in South Africa. Entrepreneurial Business School is acting as a conduit to the ultimate beneficiaries. The rating agency will therefore want a clear line of sight to see who these beneficiaries are and what their empowerment credentials are. All of this evidence will be provided by Entrepreneurial Business School.  Entrepreneurial Business School has clear governance structures and financial oversight, provided by various legal binding agreements. In the B-BBEE solutions provided by Entrepreneurial Business School, all money received is used solely for the development of entrepreneurs as all administrative expenses will be carried by Entrepreneurial Business School.



v      Entrepreneurial Business School has 14 years research and practical development experience in the field of entrepreneurship and created business forums in most of the areas where training was done. These business forums are keeping EBS in touch with successes as well as with the failures and provide our old learners with moral and other support services.

v      Being a private company, EBS has also firsthand experience of what it takes to start a business from scratch. EBS was in fact, created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

v      EBS completed their 19th NVC Learnership at the end of October 2011. The 1st was completed at the end of 2004.

EBS learned from experience that:

  • The “New Venture Creation” (NVC) program, a National FET Certificate, has to be delivered in a learnership format and by utilizing convenient venues as close as possible to participant’s business operations.
  • The relevant cognitive, entrepreneurship and business management theory to be taught in a workshop format. In this process one full day workshop per week is followed by the practical applications of the relevant theory in own businesses. The duration of a NVC learnership should therefore be at least 12 months of intensive learning and practical applications of theory on own business.
  • The facilitators delivering the NVC workshops have to be people with vast small and micro business experience, backed up by the necessary academic credentials.