The development of successful entrepreneurs


To be recognised and sought after as the leader on the development of entrepreneurs


1.       Responsibility and Accountability 

EBS takes ownership of training projects until completion and demonstrate high levels of responsibility and accountability towards project funders, key role players and the share holders of the Entrepreneurial Business School.

2.       Respect

EBS cultivates high levels of respect between its employees that is projected to its external business environment.

3.      Compassion

EBS demonstrates a high level of compassion towards its students in their holistic development as successful entrepreneurs.

4.       Continuous Improvement

EBS is committed to the continuous improvement of all applied entrepreneurial development programmes, student support services, and academic quality control processes.

5.       Excellence with Passion

EBS is, with total professional passion, committed to empower its students to establish sustainable business ventures.

These core values are very important because: The more EBS helps others the better EBS becomes.