“I am presently extremely motivated and full of confidence. Most of my business decisions come from my gut feel, which is now very well developed. If anything continues the way they are, I could be the EBS’s first millionaire by the end of 2002”.

-Ms S Hatting

“I cannot believe how much my attitude and direction in life has changed since this program. This was the best thing that ever happened – it came at the perfect time. Thank you for making the difference in my life!!”

-Celia Correia, Imagem Hair & Beauty Salon

“I have learnt that I count in my life and I can make the difference in my life. This has been the most & best life changing experience for me – there is actually light at the end of the tunnel – it’s not the beginning or the end that matters as much, it’s what happens in between. I have learnt not to waste precious energy on negative emotions. Instead I will drop them and use the experience as an opportunity to recreate my life in the moment”

-Student, South Africa

“This has been a real practical experience, thanks. You did a good job in making everything look so simple”.

-KB Wilson – Ghana

“The program has forced me to look at all aspects of my life and decide who and what was really important & to plan for success. To realize once again that it is all about the people around me. To realize again the value of quite time (Prosper CD) and really relaxing and thinking thing through. In this manner I have solved some important personal issues and problems and have grown in confidence that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to & set a clearly defined goals. Thank You!”

-Rudi Opperman, Mitshbishi Motors

“First of all I would like to thank you for the huge effort you have put into running this course. We have all benefited in one-way or another. The training of my brain is a critical part of my success mechanism. I am personally enjoying the positive feelings that the course has brought me & it is no coincidence that 2 of the last 3 months have been records for me.”

-Mitch Tunnicliff, Enriching Life Financial Services

“It put a lot of changes in our organisation into perspective for me. I have always had a passion for what I do – now I know the reason for it. It is valuable to be able to understand oneself in order to function effectively and the success mindset illustrated this perfectly. The creative problem-solving section is amazing as it showed how properly to manage and formulate your vision and channel the problem-solving ideas correctly. Project management is a bit boring and not essential as it is unlikely that we will ever get involved in this type of activity to a large degree. Overall a very stimulating and interesting course!”

-J.F. Fludager

“Ek voel ek het nou die kundigheid om in enige onderneming te gaan werk. Wat vir my verbasend was, is hoe maklik dit alles was om te verstaan, en dit sonder dat ek ‘n enkele klas bygewoon het! Die program is baie goed uiteengesit en dek alles van sielkunde, ekonomie, die regsomgewing, strategie, verkoopstegniek, tot en met elke funksionele afdeling van ‘n besigheid. Dit het selfs my belangstelling in die aandelebeurs aangewakker. Die EBS-kursus het my baie gehelp om die totale geheelbeeld van die ekonomie en besigheid te verstaan. Dit het my geleer om geleenthede raak te sien, en hoe om daardie geleenthede te benut. Dit het my ook gehelp om my persoonlikheidseienskappe te ontleed en te ontwikkel. Hierdeur het ek uitgevind watter beroep my die beste sal pas”.

-Tanja Buys

“It was very easy to master the business management theory. This is mainly because the course is presented in a project format, which means you have to apply the relevant theory in order to progress with your project. An additional benefit is that the course becomes like a story and it is usually easy to remember a story. This methodology is definitely one of the factors that differentiate this programme from the rest of the pack. Because I constantly had to apply marketing management theory to a specific business idea, it was easy to create a marketing strategy and marketing plan that could outfox competitors. Financial management is generally viewed as a very difficult subject, but the lectures, the course structure and methodology used, made even this part easy to understand and fun to complete”.

-Phaphama Zosiwe

The contents of our course were evaluated by Prof Kobus Slabbert (RAU), Vice Chairman (Department of HRM) and Executive Director of the African Centre for Work Ownership Studies and Mr Kobus Kruger, Instructional Designer at ABSA Bank’s Learning and Development Department.

Here is what they had to say:

“We have evaluated the academic contents of the course in Entrepreneurial Business Management (EBM), developed by the EBS. The course is very comprehensive and covers the total range of relevant business management topics. The structure of the business management part is very similar to that of a traditional MBA programme, but the course also covers additional interesting topics such as Intuition and Mind Programming from the study field of Parapsychology. An additional flavour is added by the inclusion of Creativity Development, Self-Discovery, Selling Skills and Business Presentation Skills. This multi-disciplinary approach makes this course something unique in South Africa and will definitely add value in SMME development – so important for job creation in South Africa.

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