It was surely a very informative, helpful and learning experience to have been part of the Entrepreneurial Business Management course. I just did business in the ordinary way of buying and selling, not thinking of marketing my business. I only learned at the workshop how to promote and market my product. It really taught me a lot, how to reach potential clients amongst many other things.

I learned how to do financial planning, how and where I can save on buying products at a cheaper or more affordable price and also that one has to spend a little extra money on marketing/promoting products to earn more money on them. I learned how to divide my profit between the money I spend to buy materials for making the products, travelling cost, money for marketing and my effort in making them, walking from door to door and to potential companies. I also learned how to approach people, handle difficult clients and how to attempt to please all customers. I also learned to explore the unknown and broaden my horizons. I never thought of going to shops and asking them to display my products, but through this course I have learned to think outside the box.

This course also made me think of what I would like to do in the future with my business, but I need money to do it. I would like to open a shop selling my products but also give classes to individuals who would like to learn how to do pottery. I also plan to approach schools and offer to give classes at a minimal fee to learners who would be interested in pottery.

I really learned a lot and would always be grateful to SETA for the opportunity given to me. I can assure you that I am and will keep on practising the rules / advice I received from you!

WELL DONE! Ms. Corina van der Linde & Chris Joseph


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