This course helped me to develop my self-confidence greatly and gave me a range of practical and useful tools.

I am now able to use the tools to run a business, deal with customers, manage cash flow, do pricing and marketing activities and avoid obvious pit falls around what causes a business to be closed down. One part of the course that will help me a lot is the record keeping of the financial side of the business and how to calculate the gross profit. Now I know about fixed costs, forecast and start-up capital that is needed. I can also assist anyone else who may be starting up a business with this valuable information.

The course also gave me good information around how to achieve my monthly sales in different ways, how to course funding, manage cash-flow, purchase and control stock. Recruitment on its own is a huge area and I feel very comfortable that I now have an understanding around this subject and could use it in my business (Whenever it is possible for me to go into my own business).

One thing that the course taught me was to know myself and to set a goal. I found that the training around child care for special-need children is what I love and it is definitely a direction that I would like to take my life and my work in. This course has shown me that I would love to open up my own centre to work with and support the development of these children – my own EDC (Early Child Development) Centre. I know that this is going to be a huge chall;enge for me, especially as I am a single-parent, but I know that this is what I want to do, and I know I can do it well. In fact, I am going to register my own business soon so that I can start to make this dream come true.

I know that I still have to do some work. For example I have to find out how much parents will pay me for this service. This means I will be asking many people what they can afford to pay before I can complete my financial plan. The marketing mix is valuable information to help me decide how to set my pricing for my service, taking into account all the costs that I will have (eg. cleaning goods, educational toys and equipment like jungle-gyms, food, furniture, stationery, electricity, water, rent, and so on). Also, to identify who mu customers is and how to reach them (eg. The clinics and community centres).

Another benefit of this course is that I now know people who can aid me in achieving my goals and put me in touch with organisations. I can turn to them for assistance and guidance on the phone or I can make an appointment to speak to them. As this is the first time that I will be in my own business, it is really important to me to know that I have such people to turn to for this help – which makes me very happy and thankful.

Thank you for the information that you have given to me. It will change my life for the better and help me to achieve all my personal goals.

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