An entrepreneur is a person, who have entrepreneurial abilities and utilizes these abilities to practices entrepreneurship. The term entrepreneurship can be defined as: “The ability to provide better and/or new solutions to general problems people have. These solutions are in the form of products and services which are sold at a profit in the market place”. There are many other definitions for the term entrepreneurship, but the above one describes the term best from an entrepreneurial development perspective.


The car you drive, the food you eat, the house you live in, the cloths you wear and most important the job you have, were all made possible by entrepreneurship activities. Humans, from a physical perspective, are extremely ill equipped to survive on this planet.  In other words, if there were no entrepreneurs in this world, we would not only have been easy pray for carnivores, we would still live in caves, die from extreme temperatures, and many other horrible things would have happen to us on a daily basis.


The standard of living a community is experiencing is simply the result of, the number of entrepreneurial activities happening in their local economy. Wealthy economies therefore have more people who are practicing entrepreneurship in comparison to poor economies.


Entrepreneurship and not money is driving economies towards higher standards of living. Money is simply the measure of the economic activity happening in an economy and is provided by the reserve bank. More money than the economic activities require in the economy, leads to inflation and too little money will cause a depression. The difference between rich and poor nations can therefore only be explained by the number of entrepreneurial activities happening in the various economies and definitely not by the resources thy have. There are too many poor economies with vast mineral and other natural resources and plenty very rich economies with limited natural resources .Poor countries will never overcome poverty if they do not start to create and cherish entrepreneurial cultures in their economies. This can be done by creating an entrepreneurial friendly business environment and to invest heavily in entrepreneurial education.


Politicians must realize that it is impossible for entrepreneurship to flourish in a highly regulated environment. Optimum entrepreneurial activity, do not require economic legislation preventing the creation of new or better solutions and/or restrain competition. Governments can however enhance entrepreneurship by investing in entrepreneurial education and by providing assistance in raising stat–up capital if required. It is time to face the fact that poverty will never be eased by financial assistance or other similar actions. The only solution to overcome poverty is to unleash the entrepreneur in every human on this planet.


Entrepreneurship is indeed making the world go around  

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