I registered my company in 2003 and was off the ground in 2007, the year I registered with EBS/SETA.

All the time between registration and starting was a struggle because I did not know business jargon. I lacked business skills and strategies and was without direction. Through EBS/SETA, I managed to steer my company in the direction of civil engineering works and building construction. After registration with EBS/SETA, my paradigm shifted from scarcity to plenty of opportunities, job creation and growth.

EBS/SETA paid my tuition fees for the skills acquirement that I would not have been able to do. They have equipped me with the strength to do business properly, skills in networking with other stakeholders, improvement in service output, increasing my company’s market share and developing my staff and improving my motivation. I am learning that the competitive drivers of a successful business are amongst other things price, competition, customer service, quality, sales and many more. I have learned important business terminology. In the business world, that becomes one of the cornerstones in its successful financial running.

The modules that EBS teaches are a lifeline for my business in general. They are simple to read, self explanatory and my daily reference. These modules are jam packed with  information and those that I find particularly relevant to my unique situation,  are highlighted in: a) forecasting, b) gross profit, c) working capital, d) break-even point calculations and e) cash flow forecast just to mention a few.

I have come to better understand where my company is heading. There are many more important guidelines and skills given by EBS/SETA than the abovementioned ones. EBS/SETA has given me more skills in business than what I would have been able to gain in my own capacity.

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