My name is Ernest Morgan and I live in Franschhoek, a vibrant Boland town that annually attracts hundreds of national and international tourists. I started my studies at EBS and Services SETA in 2008. At that stage I was a struggling building contractor. I realized I lacked business skills and grabbed the opportunity when EBS offered business classes.

This was a life-changing experience seeing that a whole world of doing business opened up to me.

I must admit that for the first time in my life I became economically literate in acquiring a very sound understanding of the market and the industry. I also gained marketing skills that I applied for the first time in marketing my company.

What is also outstanding is that I both learned to become a strategic manager and apply the human resources management skills obtained through these classes. Now I understand how to work with people and that is one of the most important assets any successful business man must acquire. Not to just talk about knowing your competitors, but work out a strategy in giving your business an edge, acknowledge your weak points, face what threatens your business and enhance your strengths.

EBS plays a vital role in opening up a world of learning in Franschhoek and certainly opened up my eyes, even if it is only partially. This argument is based on the fact that so many who noticed the advantages of EBS-classes, grabbed the opportunity to attend them and the interest is still growing.

Slowly but surely a culture of economic independence and entrepreneurship is cultivated in this small blooming tourist town, due to the effective input and joint ventures of EBS and Services SETA.

I believe this is a very effective tool to get poor communities out of the poverty stricken mindset, blaming game, the dependency tendency and grip.

With our enlightened mindsets, we established FISBA (Franschoek Informal and Small Business Association) that will carry this torch of teaching, learning and empowerment further by liaising with local government, other Seta’s, tourist organizations and business in general to create opportunities for upcoming entrepreneurs.

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