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You want to become the best you can be, but somewhere along the way, you got something wrong.  Things just don’t work out as you planned!  You frequently ask yourself where you have gone wrong, but the answer evades you.

Fear not Brave Knight, for this is the quest for you.

Success Attitude – How your mind is programmed

We always earn our living in a manner consistent with our self-concept. We know that all of our performance is linked to our self-concept up to this moment.  Wonderfully enough is the fact that every human being is in a continual state of becoming, in fact, there is a sub branch of psychology called the psychology of becoming.

This simply says that nobody stays the same for any period. We are always changing in the direction of our dominant thoughts. If you believe you can be an entrepreneur and creative, you will become what you believe. Our job in this process is to keep very clearly in our minds who we would like to be and what we would like to accomplish.

“Our thoughts are a magic part of us and they can carry us to places that have no boundaries and no limitations”

-          Dr. W. W. Dyer -

With this quote in mind, let’s have a look at the Characteristics, directly linked to Attitude, common to entrepreneur and all Successful People all around the globe:





Their Intuitive Powers, “Gut Feel”, are strongly developed.

They are persevering – “they never give up”.

The best news yet, is that you can acquire your Success Attitude, by developing the SIX above-mentioned Characteristics.  The information we provide in the text to follow, will surely help you in your quest to acquire that very much sought-after success attitude. What you are, and the way in which you react at this point in time, are a direct result of the instructions that are programmed into your sub-conscious mind.  Now you may ask, how did my sub-conscious mind become programmed the way it is?

The answer is simple.  There are three ways to engrave instructions into the sub-conscious mind. The first is by genetic instructions.  These instructions include the form of your physical body and the characteristics you are born with.  The second is by the environment and the third is via the dominant thought process of your conscious mind.

Re-Programming your Mind for your Success Attitude

To change your ATTITUDE and attain the Characteristics most common to Successful Business people, you’ll have to Re-Program your mind!!!

To Re-Program your mind, you have to know and understand the Mental Laws by which your Mind operates.  You will be able to effectively re-program your mind, by using two basic techniques, if you know how your mind works.

Now, let’s have an in depth look at THE SIX most important MENTAL LAWS to abide by when Re-Programming your mind for your Personal Success Attitude:


The first Mental Law is the Law of Relaxation.  According to this Law, it is easier to program the sub-conscious mind when the conscious mind is less active.  If you are in a relaxed state, your conscious mind is also less active and less interfering.

To explain the working of this Law, you can simply observe what is happening when a person is under hypnosis.  In a hypnotic condition, the conscious mind is asleep and the hypnotist is in the process of directly communicating with the sub-conscious mind.  The conscious mind is completely blocked out (asleep) and the person simply reacts on the instructions of the hypnotist, communicating with subjects of the sub-conscious mind.

It is also important to notice that the sub-conscious mind does not ask questions, it instructs the physical body directly to perform on the instruction received from the hypnotist.

This first Mental Law, therefore, tells us that it is easier to re-program your sub-conscious mind for a success attitude if the conscious mind is less active and less critical.  This condition is then easier reached when you are in a state of deep relaxation!


The second Mental Law is the Law of Concentration.  Concentration is extremely important.  It says that whatever you dwell upon in the conscious mind grows in your experience.

You know from experience that if you focus your conscious mind and really, concentrate on a problem, the chances of getting a solution are great.  Example:  you know that when you go to sleep, focussing and thinking about a specific problem, you often wake up the next morning and all of a sudden, you have the solution!  By concentrating on that problem, your dominant thoughts have effectively activated the brilliant sub-conscious mind to give you the answer.

These practical experiences that you have, supports the psychological principle; stating that concentration or focus is yet another effective tool in programming the sub-conscious mind.


The next Law is the Law of Practice or the Law of Repetition.  If you wish to see yourself and think about yourself as a positive constructive achievement-oriented, forward-looking individual, you have to think about yourself and dwell on yourself as being that type of person all the time.  By doing that repeatedly, that’s how you program your sub-conscious mind, until it becomes a habit.

Let me give you an example.  You know that if you wish to start biking, you have to first learn the skill and then practice it repeatedly, until it becomes automatic.  It becomes automatic when you do not consciously think about it any more.  At this point, the sub-conscious mind has taken over. The sub-conscious mind has now been programmed by repetition and controls your body and allows you to ride the bicycle without a worry or a conscious thought. Your body is now totally controlled by your sub-conscious mind.


The next Law is the Law of Substitution, which says that the conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time, either positive or negative. You know by now that the sub-conscious mind is programmed by your genetic make-up, environment (the people that you associate with, the things that you read and the things that you hear) and dominant thought patterns in the conscious mind.

The greatness of this Law lies in the fact that you have some direct control over what you think.  If you have negative thoughts, you can change your thinking and replace that negative thought with a positive one.

If you therefore wish to re-program your mind to have a success attitude, you will have to force yourself to replace all negative thoughts with positive ones.  In addition, luckily, the conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time…


This is the fifth Mental Law for programming your mind and shaping your success attitude.  According to this law: – whatever you expect with CONFIDENCE, becomes your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

This would mean that it is essential that you continually expect the BEST of yourself and every situation in which may you find yourself.  Successful Business people make a habit of positive Self-Expectation!

You must have ”Great Expectations” (My deepest apologies to Mr. Charles Dickens) Perhaps an apt example would do the trick of conveying the full meaning of the Law of Expectation.

Example:  I wanted to be my own boss!  Needless to say that I didn’t have the foggiest idea of what I was getting myself into!  I had lots of hurdles to overcome: Financing, Writing my own Business Plan, Setting up Business Accounts, Decide on an Apt name for my Company…

What kept me going was my “Great Expectations”.  I continually manufactured my fears into positive expectations.  When I signed off a job, I didn’t expect Praise from the People I was contracting for.  My expectations were most of all, to gain knowledge and expertise.  I can’t remember one contract or job situation from which I didn’t gain knowledge and expertise!

By having “Great Expectations” for gaining knowledge, I was in the process to engrave a new instruction into my sub-conscious mind.  My positive expectations were the gateway to my belief – (the last Mental Law).  Therefore, positive expectations are a powerful tool in creating the ultimate condition, namely Belief!  The Law of expectations therefore states that if you can have great expectations of creating the attitudes of successful business people, within yourself, you will activate all the other laws.  The law of positive expectations therefore acts as a catalyst for the other laws to be more effective.

Be positive in your Expectations!!



The Law of Belief, the final law, states: Whatever you believe in, if your belief is strong enough, this belief will become REALITY.  Wow!  That’s a mouthful!

Let me try that in another way: When you have Self-Limiting Beliefs, these beliefs will come true in your everyday living.  The law of belief is also a result of the effective implementation of the other 5 laws.

Okay, Okay!  I will rather use an example to reduce Confusion!

A specific observation done by psychologists on a patient with multiple personalities will help to explain the power of belief.  The one personality believed that he was a short sighted and needed spectacles.  The second personality of the same person believed that his eyes were normal.  Now the interesting part – when this person believed he was the personality with bad eyes, his eyes were physically tested and the results were that he is short sighted.  When the same person adopted the personality of the person with normal eyes, the test results on the same eyes were all of a sudden normal.  The power of his belief had a psychical effect on his ability to see – WHOW!  Therefore, when the law of belief kicked in, you will start to react accordingly.  In the next section we will focus on two techniques, which you can use to implement and activate the mental laws.  If you are disciplined enough to use these techniques on a regular basis, you will surely achieve your goals.  It is important to make sure what you want to achieve before using these techniques.  You must also make sure that the goals you set are aligned with your mission in life – in other words, the life purpose, statement or description, you are most comfortable with.






Now that you know and understand the Six Mental Laws, you can progress to the techniques of re-programming your sub-conscious mind.  These techniques are easy to understand and easy to use.  I know you cannot wait any longer, so here we go…



By using affirmation, your potential is literally unlimited.  Affirmations are positive assertive statements that you make verbally or non-verbally.  You can create affirmations for everything you want to accomplish.

Say you want to be more confident, positive or creative. You must simply talk to yourself as though you have that characteristic already.  The more you repeat these positive assertive statements repeatedly, the better you will be able to program your sub-conscious mind. (Remember the Law of Repetition). Affirmations are easy to use and are indeed a very powerful tool. When using affirmations it is not necessary to believe the statements in the beginning.  Belief will come with repetition, as the sub-conscious mind re-programs itself over time – remembers the Law of Substitution.  By using affirmation, you can effectively replace negative thoughts by positive ones.  The “power of words” is a phrase we often use, but do we realise how powerful this really is?

If we hear the same thing over and over again (the sub-conscious mind), you will start believing it is true and will then act accordingly.  By the power of words, Hitler managed to program the entire German nation and eventually made them believe that his intended war crimes were noble and to the good of mankind.

For the sub-conscious, to accept affirmation, it has to be coached in the three P’s.  First of all, affirmations have to be personal.  It has to be “me”.  We cannot say “you”, or “somebody” else; we always have to talk in the first person singular.  “I like myself”.  Secondly, affirmations have to be positive.  If we wish to quit smoking, we will not say, “I will not smoke any more, I will not smoke any more”, because the sub-conscious cannot take in an instruction that includes a negative.  Therefore, what we would say instead is “I am a non-smoker, I am a non-smoker, I am a non-smoker”.  Lastly, affirmation has to be in the present tense.  You’ll have to instruct the sub-conscious mind in the present tense as if you are achieving already.  You have to say, “I am a non-smoker”.



The second way, in which we program our mind, is by using what we call visualization. Visualization is the most powerful single capability a human being has.  It is the ability to form a clear precise vivid mental picture of what we want to achieve.  We must keep the picture crystal clear in our mind’s eye.  Whatever you can hold in your mind’s eye on a continuous basis, you will be able to achieve.

The goals, which you can picture in your imagination, you can accomplish.  Napoleon Hill remarked, “Whatever the mind of men can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.  Einstein was of the same opinion: “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”  The key to using visualization is to get a clear mental picture of yourself as though you already had the characteristics that you want and/or achieved the goals of your choice.

Prior to every situation of importance, take a couple of minutes to play a clear mental picture of the ideal you desire in an upcoming situation.  Say you are going into a sales interview.  Form a clear mental picture of yourself performing at your very best in that situation.  See a clear precise picture of the situation and the outcome exactly the way you want it to take place.

The best time to use visualization is when the conscious mind is in a deep state of relaxation. Remember the Mental Law of Relaxation and how it works? The best time for visualization is normally at night, before you go to sleep; the conscious mind is then in an alpha stage.  Get yourself a relaxation tape or CD.  This will help to relax the conscious mind and you will be able to re-program your sub-conscious rapidly!

The visualization techniques work better when you activate all your senses at the same time and focus on the goal you wish to achieve.  You must therefore try to feel, smell, hear and taste the ideal condition; you are trying to accomplish.  Remember, you need not believing what you are visualizing at the beginning.  The Law of Repetition, Concentration, Relaxation and eventually, Expectation will result in Belief, the final stage in the re-programming exercise.

Via the power of “words” (affirmations) and the power of “vision” (visualisation), it is possible for you to achieve your goals and to be a highly successful person.  Practice these techniques and activate the mental laws and become all you are capable of.  You will be surprised what you can achieve!!

God created us all, like brilliant computers.  What is, however, needed for these computers, are new software to make them function like they are suppose to.  The mental laws, as well as the programming techniques discussed in this article, are the tools we are provided with to create the new mental software needed.  The software we are using are clearly outdated and we need to reprogram ourselves in order to be able to solve the problems we are facing, but also, and more important, to be able to excel to the new heights we are capable of.

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