I finished my dressmaking at Pentech University and pursued my passion. At first it was a struggle to get my name out there due to the competition and the fact that my community did not know my name yet. I kept on pursuing my passion and tried to work hard on my skill as a dressmaker. For years I worked from a Caravan and my client base did increase but not on the level I envisioned  it to be. Frustration stepped in because of space and I realized I was losing some high profile clients.

It was when I was introduced to the SETA training that my knowlwdge grew and I was challenged by it. I would say it was mind blowing and I could see my vision and my dreams that I had for the business, became a reality. I began to step on  water with the knowlwdge I received and began to negotiate with a community leader to rent an office space at his building at a reasonable price. For the first time I could see where my money was going and the direction I was heading. SETA helped me to believe in what I was doing and how to apply my skill and turn it into an established and registered business. My client base improved with 65% and my monthly turnover is R8000.00. I am in the process of moving to a bigger place due to the volume of my assets, which is approximately R70 000.00 in total.

With the training I received, I manage to employ one staff member and also draw a salary for myself.

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